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I recently went to Vegas where I felt it was not only appropriate but necessary to rock a smoky eye.  In the land of excess, how could you not?  There are few things in life that create the same level of stress and awe as a successfully executed smoky eye. The stress comes before and during the execution of the smoky eye, which I imagine for our grandmothers’ generation was like attempting Julia Child’s turducken recipe. (Be prepared to wrestle those birds).

This is nothing like doing a natural eye. Anyone can do that. One brush and two colors will do. No need for a transition color. Not with the smoky eye. We’re in a completely different territory. We’re with the big boys, er girls, now. The professionals. You’re either coming out of this looking like a champ or looking like you wrestled with a pool cue and lost.

I am proud to say I came up with a successful smoky eye. It wasn’t Mario Dedivanovic quality, but it was deserving of the number of likes it got by admiring amateurs like myself. Kind of the same awe inspired when you’re the first one to start wearing a bra in grade school.

As with most things, practice makes perfect. I found that after getting really lucky on Day 1 of the smoky eye, it got easier.  Day 2 required two dress rehearsals before getting it right on attempt #3 but I still consider that part of the learning curve.  I would suggest doing your eyes first and then moving on to the rest of the face.  That way you can easily wipe off your eyes and start again if it’s not going well.  (I learned that the hard way).  I realize now that this is why Neutrogena makeup wipes were invented. Someone had a bad smoky eye day.

Now unless you’re a Kardashian, most of us have no reason to wear a smoky eye every day. However, I believe a smoky eye is a metaphor for life. It’s greatly coveted in our material world.  It signifies a certain status in the world. You either know how to do a smoky eye – or you can afford to pay people who know how to do one. Either way, it’s a luxury.  And practice makes perfect.

I would venture to guess that if given a choice, most women would give up their right Loub to have the muscle memory necessary to effectively execute a perfect smoky eye every time. But as with most skills, it can be learned. After each successful application, you’re closer to becoming a pro. Once you know how to wield that brush (brushes – a good smoky eye requires numerous brushes), you will never fear again.  It will become as easy as putting on your underwear in the morning.  Remember what it was like learning how to drive? Well you have mastered that, haven’t you? If you can manage to navigate a 2-ton piece of machinery, you sure can learn how to maneuver your way around an eyelid with some powder. Think about all of the other things you can master with a little fortitude and some practice. Every expert was once a novice.

Mastering the smoky eye also has some other fortuitous side effects. Whenever you don a smoky eye, it confers a certain confidence.  You know that feeling you get when you’re having a good hair day?  Same thing, except better.  So don’t be afraid of the smoky eye.  Watch a few good YouTube tutorials on the subject.  (There is no shortage of them).  Break out the shadows and the brushes, roll up your sleeves and get to work!  The first few tries may be a disaster.  They WILL get better.  Then…put on your highest heels, chin up and go into that world you ferocious warrior!

Share your photos with me @theprev on Instagram.   I want to see that smoky eye!