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When I was a kid, I had a sweet 2-piece pink corduroy suit.  It had a vest and skirt. I always wore it with a white turtleneck that had lace trim on the collar.  I felt like a million bucks in that suit.  I wore it so proudly.  It was my “uniform.”

I was just a poor kid from New Jersey.  Dad wasn’t around.  Mom moved a lot.  We lived in New Jersey, New York (in the Catskills), Pennsylvania, Georgia, and California over the course of my childhood.  I went to about 13 different schools from K-12.  (Those are just the ones I remember).  We finally landed back in Jersey again.

I was the first one in my family to go to college. I went to undergrad and then did even better by going to law school.  I thought the admissions board made a mistake when they let me in.  But here I am.  It was a pivotal event in my life.  There was everything before and then everything after.

I practiced divorce and family law for 15 years. I started my own law firm in 2013 and partnered up with a colleague and close friend in 2014 to form NJ Divorce Solutions (Previte Nachlinger PC).  I eventually stopped practicing law and focused on managing the law firm.

I came to learn through my own life experience and getting divorced about 1,000 times through my clients’ experiences that life is mostly about one thing: feeling loved and special.

I have learned that despite all of our differences, we are very much alike.  I’ve lived in poverty and I’ve rubbed elbows with judges.  I’ve been everywhere in between.  All anyone really wants is to feel special.  This is true for everyone: rich, poor, educated, illiterate, black, white, male, female, powerful and not.

For some of us, feeling loved and special looks different.  It can mean having a lot of money, being in the popular crowd, being famous, driving a luxury car, having a big house, owning a business, having a lot of initials after your name, getting the most votes.  Regardless of what it is that gets us there, the goal is to feel special.

The other thing I have observed is that we all have a funny way of going about feeling special.  We don’t always express ourselves directly and just say what we want.  Life sure would be a lot easier if we did.

I am here to give men and women who, like me, are searching for more meaning in their lives, trying to find their place and fill the space where they can leave a meaningful mark on the world.  I do that by writing and sharing my view of the world with you.  I hope you get something out of my stories. I am always interested in hearing opposing viewpoints. This is how we grow.